Business Rockstars Off-Air

Business Rockstars Off-Air

Business advice from emerging entrepreneurs

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Business Rockstars Off-Air
  • Off-Air: Anjula Acharia - Your Business Is One Of Your Albums

    Anjula Acharia partner at Trinity Ventures, talks about how she invests in albums and people.

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  • Off-Air: Allan Maman

    Allan Maman discusses leaving a positive footprint.

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  • Off-Air: Brian Liu, LegalZoom Co-Founder & Chairman, on How To Find Your Path

    Brian Liu, Co-Founder of, goes OFF AIR to talk about finding his path, being the worst employee, and his biz motto He dives into why and how he started LegalZoom. When he was in high school, Brian went to a fortune teller. The fortune teller told him he was going to be a businessman...

  • Off-Air: Building A Business On Purpose Beyond Money

    CityBldr Co-Founder Bryan Copley goes OFF AIR to talk about actually helping people rather than making the rich richer, the slower pace of Seattle, strengths and weaknesses, being a young entrepreneur, and more. "I consolidated the mission of what we were doing to create happy, functional communi...

  • Off-Air: Building an On-demand App

    Get to know Soothe CEO and Founder Merlin Kauffman as he goes OFF AIR. He talks about moving 4 times in 3 years, having the entrepreneurial bug at an early age, his strengths, his next business idea, what he likes to do outside of running a successful on-demand massage app and more!

    "Off Air" ...

  • Off-Air: Cindy Whitehead

    The Pink Ceiling CEO Cindy Whitehead: Social Entrepreneur

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  • Off-Air: Drybar founder Talks Company Growth

    John Heffner, CEO of Drybar discusses how although he is a serial CEO, he does not think he has an entrepreneurial bone in his body. He tells us the story of meeting with Michael and Ali, the Drybar founders, the importance of maintaining relationships, and his profound appreciation for the entre...

  • Off-Air: Daymond John talks Shark Tank & FUBU

    Shark Daymond John, CEO of FUBU, goes OFF AIR. He talks about his childhood, growing up always wanting to be one step away from the money, his strengths and weaknesses, Shark Tank, the early grind, and advice for his younger self.

    Daymond shares some Shark Tank stories. His early FUBU days. Ch...

  • Off-Air: DJ SKEE on Becoming A DJ & The Future Of Radio

    Scott Keeney aka DJ Skee is an American artist, producer, personality, Founder of Dash Radio, and entrepreneur. DJ Skee started DJ’ing when he was sixteen years old. Called “The Oprah of Music”, Skee’s fame grew when he started playing rising stars (like Kendrick Lamar and Justin Beiber to name a...

  • Off-Air: Entrepreneurship: Have An Unreasonable Goal

    This is why you should have an unreasonable goal. Zane Lamprey, Creator of Adv3nture Hoodie (the most funded fashion Kickstarter ever) & Founder of #MonkeyRum goes OFF AIR.

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  • Off-Air: Entrepreneurs Making It Happen Against The Odds

    Greg Lutze and Joel Flory, Co-founders of VSCO, say "You have to go out and make it happen." They go OFF AIR and tell us about where they came from, what they are good at, not knowing what they were doing when they started, taking risks, inspirational Cinderella quotes, and a lot of cheeseball en...

  • Off-Air: Entrepreneurship & Finding Your Path

    Catherine An, Founder of Tiato & An Catering, talks about finding your path, being tough, old jobs, starting her businesses, her mom's advice, believing in yourself, and more!

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  • Off-Air: Katarina Van Derham

    Katarina Van Derham, Founder, and CEO of Viva Glam Magazine.

    What do models do on their spare time? A question many of you have probably pondered as much as I have. So, when Katarina Van Derham sat down for our Off Air series, I had to ask her. Turns out the glamorous Katarina Van Derham, make...

  • Off-Air: Find the Right Team For Your Business

    Doug Burkett, Kate Seiberlich, & Chip Forsythe of Rebel Coast Winery are a rad bunch of entrepreneurs, and incredibly well-dressed. They tell us about being party neighbors, how to find the right team, running a business with your friends, being entrepreneurs, just doing it, and having a wine bus...

  • Off-Air: CEO On Not Following A Plan

    "I'm a big believer in not creating a plan that becomes the focus..." David Erickson, The CEO of on why he does not follow a plan.

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  • Off-Air: Harmonie Krieger

    Harmonie Krieger discusses loving yourself.

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  • Off-Air: How-To: Map Your Startup’s Journey

    Jocelyn Johnson is coming in hot! This badass boss lady goes OFF AIR to tell us all about being a super young serial entrepreneur having built a successful PR business - JJPR - at age 25 and a second venture at the age of 27, VideoInk. VideoInk is the go-to resource for breaking news and industry...

  • Off-Air: Jamie Foxx Says It's the Best Time to Be an Entrepreneur

    WizPak co-founders Jamie Foxx and Shannon Ridley give candid real world advice.

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  • Off-Air: How to Run a Family Business

    Steve Fazio is no stranger to business. Fazio Cleaners was founded in 1947 by his grandfather. Steve goes OFF AIR.

    Steve Fazio explains, “There will always be disruptors in business.” You have to pay attention to what is disrupting the industry and fix any problems. He also describes how arrog...

  • Off-Air: LIsa Song

    Lisa Song opens up about hard work beating talent.

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  • Off-Air: JibJab Founder - From Wall Street to Holiday E-cards

    Gregg Spiridellis, Co-Founder of JibJab, talks about starting a business with his brother, having no regrets, and leaving behind his former life as a Wall-Street banker.

    Having a father that is a tech entrepreneur and an artist mother, he and his brother took the best of both worlds combining ...

  • Off-Air: Kellee Khalil

    Kellee Khalil opens up about matchmaking and wedding planning.

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  • Off-Air: M13 Founders on Running A Business With Family

    M13 Founders, Courtney and Carter Reum (respectively), tell us about going from investment banking at Goldman Sachs to running a business with your brother. They previously co-founded Veev Spirits, which got acquired in 2016. Now they run M13, a brand development and investment company accelerati...

  • Off-Air: Lolita Taub

    Lolita Taub discusses being a leader.

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