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Business Rockstars Biz Tips

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Business Rockstars Biz Tips
  • BizTips: What to Post on Social Media with ilovecreatives Founder Jennifer Puno

    The founder of ilovecreatives & social media expert Jennifer Puno can help you step up your social media game.

    It's hard to figure out what to post. Don't stress. Here are some easy steps:
    1. Step back and think about what you want to be posting overall.
    2. Create a mood board (can do this o...

  • BizTips: Heather Serden - How to Launch A Business

    Heather Serden, Founder of Above the Glass, tells us how to launch a business.

    1. Put together a business plan - No you do not definetly need one, but it helps you execute your idea
    2. Figure out how you are going to make money, how much it is going to cost, and how you are going to finance t...

  • BizTips: CEO of Rip Media Group - How to Convert Visitors Into Customers

    Maury Rogow, CEO of Rip Media Group, discusses the buyer's journey & gives tips on how you can convey the right message to your customer!

  • BizTips: Espree Devora - Find Your Purpose

    Espree Devora - Find Your Purpose

  • BizTips: 1-800-DENTIST Founder Fred Joyal - Tips When Your Business is Acquired

    Fred Joyal - Tips When Your Business is Acquired

  • BizTips: How to Build A Strategic Relationship In Business

    Justin Warden, Co-Founder of Ader, has tips on how to build strategic relationships. First thing to do is learn how to use a CRM to scale your outreach. This will allow you to send an email out to a thousand people at a time. If you can create an email that is short, generic, and warm, every pers...

  • BizTips: Hernan Lopez - How to make an impression

    Hernan Lopez, Founder of Wondery, tells us how to make an impression. By far the most important thing for anybody in business, according to Hernan, is to put yourself in other people's shoes.

  • BizTips: Understanding Your Client - Startup101

    Lolita Taub, Founder of The F Show, has some tips on understanding your client.

    1. Understand who you're working with
    2. Understand how they get rewarded
    3. Understand what the client is trying to do
    4. Figure out where you can add the most value
    5. Make sure you are on the same page - go ...

  • BizTips: Gk Parish-Philp, Co-Founder of Shopswell, on Web App vs Mobile App

    Gk Parish-Philp, Co-Founder of Shopswell, says you should not make a mobile app but instead make a web app. GK chose to build a web app instead of a mobile app.

    What is the difference? A web app is similar to any other website in that it consists of browser-based HTML pages that are linked tog...

  • BizTips: Peter Havas - Tips for Early-Stage Startups

    Peter Havas, Founder of PillDrill, gives 3 tips for early stage startups!

    1. You have to be persistent, it's going to take longer than you think just keep going
    2. You have to be brave. There will be moments where you want to quit, don't.
    3. You have to ask for what you want - ask for the check

  • BizTips: CEO of Rip Media - How To Craft Your Story

    Maury Rogow, CEO of Rip Media, gives #BIZTIPS on how to craft your story. He uses the acronym, S.T.U.F.F to grab emotion and attention to make sure people pay attention to your story!

  • BizTips: Starting A Company? Here Are Some Tips

    Lisa Fetterman, CEO of Nomiku, has you covered when it comes to starting your own company. She has 3 tips - GREAT advice.

    1. Just sell
    2. Entrepreneurship is juggling
    3. Find your why not what

  • BizTips: Lindsay Nahmiache - Pick 5 Key Media

    Lindsay Nahmiache - Pick 5 Key Media

  • BizTips: Charisse Curtis of Milano Agency - PR Hacks & Tips

    Want to be at the top of your PR game? Charisse Curtis, VP of Public Relations C.Luxe Brand Management, urges anyone that wants to get ahead in the PR field to be a strong writer – it will get you far within the PR world. When some people think of public relations, they think “glamorous”, but not...

  • BizTips: Robert Sillerman - How To Find Success In Your Business Idea

    American businessman, media entrepreneur, and Chairman of Function(x), Robert Sillerman gives biz tips to entrepreneurs! Sillerman says your success is dependent on you and your passion for your business. You have to radiate belief in your idea!

  • BizTips: Joe McCann - How To Attract Top Talent to Your Business

    How To Attract Top Talent to Your Business

  • BizTips: How to Write A Headline For Your Story

    Lindsay Nahmiache, Co-founder of Jive PR + Digital explains how the headline is the most important part of your pitch. Get Biztips on how to write a headline that grabs attention!

  • BizTips: Raquel Gunsagar of Fourth & Heart - Take Your Product To A Trade Show

    Raquel Gunsagar, CEO of Fourth & Heart, tells us what you need to know when it comes to taking your product to trade shows.

    You need a very strong brand voice. Therefore, you need a fantastic product that is unique in its category. Getting a branding agency will definetly help execute this, pu...

  • BizTips: How To Measure Content Engagement

    Jennifer Puno, social media expert and founder of ilovecreatives, talks measuring content engagement. Engagement rate = likes/followers. To see how healthy your community is and how well your content is doing, definetly look at your engagement rate. Puno lists some tools that you can use to help ...

  • BizTips: Michael Brandt - How To Leverage Your Time

    Michael Brandt, Co-Founder of Nootrobox, gives #Biztips on how you can leverage your time to optimize your success. One of his tips is, "When you get an e-mail, respond to it. Don't read it, think about it, and respond to it later. Read it, think about it, and respond right away."

  • BizTips: Lindsay Nahmiache - How to Get Your Story Placed In Media

    If you want a more likely way to get your story placed in media, you offer an exclusive. Lindsay Nahmiache, Co-Founder of Jive PR + Digital, has a little trick that will put you ahead.

  • BizTips: Jessica Olmon - Contract 101

    Jessica Olmon - Contract 101

  • BizTips: Lindsay Nahmiache On-Camera Interview Tips & Tricks

    Lindsay Nahmiache, Co-Founder of Jive PR + Digital, has some do’s and dont’s for when you are on camera and it’s rolling. If you make a mistake, do not stop and apologize. It’s usually just you who realizes you made a mistake, if you keep calmly going nobody will notice you made a mistake. When y...

  • BizTips: Robert Sillerman - Learn From Your Mistakes

    American businessman, media entrepreneur, and Chairman of Function(x), Robert F.X. Sillerman says you have to learn from your mistakes. You have to take responsibility for your actions, especially when you mess up. If you truly believe in your business idea, you have to accept the ownership of ev...